Wedding in Punta Cana

wedding in Punta Cana

Do you think that sandy beaches with brilliant waves and heavenly beauties exist only on advertisement boards? Nope! You’ve just never been to Punta Cana. This genuinely wonderful place is located at the south-east of the Dominican Republic. If you dream about having a wedding ceremony in absolute harmony, romance and incredible beauty, then this resort is your perfect solution

Beautiful wedding in Dominican Republic

  Every couple of sweethearts wants to spent the most important day of their lives in a special place to make it memorable. What could be more romantic than getting married beneath the warm sun rays to the sound of the breaking waves while inhaling the fresh air filled with the aroma of the sea and tropical flowers on an island where summer never ends? After the heart-warming ceremony and the joyous, generous congratulations from friends and family, you can enjoy the dances, music and entertainment all night long at the warm beach or a luxurious banquet hall at a restaurant. 

  Or would you prefer a humble wedding in Punta Cana just for the two of you? Treat yourselves to fantastic and unforgettable moments, simply enjoying the pleasant and care-free days of your lives as a married couple, admiring the enchanting sunsets from your hotel room or taking a walk barefoot on the white sandy beaches. 

  In any case, photo and video shoots will be one of the most important attributes of this wonderful event. Your hearts will tremble with joy as you remember these precious moments, flipping through the wedding photos or watching the video for the umpteenth time.

A fantastic love story on the heavenly beaches

Punta Cana is a city especially for tourists with its abundance of hotels, restaurants, bars, beaches, parks, swimming pools, leisure zones and other elements of a proper resort. The city is used to celebrating great events. The majority of hotels is always ready to offer you its arsenal of services necessary for a wedding in Punta Cana, such as interior design, live music, professional photographers, make-up professionals and more.

With the festive environment, decorations and other attributes, your celebration will be a fairy tale come true, and you will be the story’s heroes. Here you will spend the most romantic moments of your lives.

Wedding Photographer in Dominican Republic - Denis Lemann

Share your family’s favorite memories

Although it may be hard to part with the Dominican Republic’s beauties, it is nice to know that you will have professional photos of your wedding in Punta Cana to show off to your friends and colleagues. Even more so, imagine how pleasant it will be to admire the young happy faces on the photos when you are older, and tell your family stories to your kids.
Photographer Denis Lemann