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Getting Married in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is one of the traditional countries where the people prefer to get married. Weddings and Honeymoon are important in one’s life and choosing the right destination can always bring more happiness and best memories. The Caribbean tropical gardens, sunsets, and beaches offer the ideal setting for your wedding day and make it an even more special day in your life. That is why people prefer to get married in the Dominican Republic. But, before you decide on wedding destination, you should set time to consider the legalities and the required documents for getting married in the Dominican Republic. You should make sure to consult your wedding planner about the legal terms and arrange all the necessary documents.  At least six months notice is suggestible as it gives you enough time and reduces your stress levels and helps you enjoy your special day.

Get married in Dominican Republic

Currently, the Dominican Republic has become a popular destination for weddings, and the wedding market has become very competitive, and most of these resorts in the country are offering all-inclusive facilities at very affordable prices.  Most of these resorts also offer wedding packages and include on-site coordinator to make sure that the marriage arrangements made exactly the way you wanted.

Best locations for a Dominican Republic Wedding - Punta Cana wedding resorts

If you are planning to get married in the Dominican Republic, then finding the best place is not a complicated issue as the place filled with the most luxurious and impressive resorts that also offers wedding packages at reasonable prices.

Casa De Campo is a 7,000acres all-inclusive resort that contains residential community and villas in the Southeast of the Island. The Casa De Compo Villa can host your wedding and reception on-site or anywhere that you want at Altos de Chavon. It is the beautiful replica of Mediterranean village located above the Chavon River. The awe-inspiring cultural center is the perfect place to tie the knot, and the cobblestone streets contain art galleries, fine dinners, and shops.

Many people also prefer to have their wedding in the famous Stanislaus Church; it is a beautiful church made of stone. The couples can also have a candlelight reception in the courtyard of the Church; the courtyard offers amazing river views and contains stone fountains.

In the Dominican Republic, you can find plenty of venues to choose, including the great Grecian Amphitheater, Private Beach, Private Villas, and more. Also, you can find popular resorts in Playa Dorada, Sosua, Playa Grande, Puerto Plata, Juan Dolio, Punta Cana-Bavaro, Samana, Boca Chica, and La Romana. All these places offer excellent resorts where you can find all-inclusive wedding packages, which allows you to enjoy your wedding without any stress.  Each wedding package differs little big from one hotel to another hotel and most of these packages include the license, the judge, music, flowers, and champagne, cake and special strokes in your room.

Documentation - Getting Married in the Dominican Republic:

Marriage license requirements:

When you are planning to get married in the Dominican Republic, you must provide proper documents before you get married. You need to submit documentation for the arrangements of your marriage certificate, and the resort where you are getting married will take care of all the paperwork, which you need to provide at the Civil Registrar or officer. 

The United States of America and the Dominican Republic are the La Hague Convention members, and your official documents must be supported by your Secretary of State Office, which is issued on an official papers to make sure their global validity.  The documents that are needed, including:

-          Valid Passport

-          Birth Certificate (Original)

-          Notarized Single Status Confirmation of bride and groom.

-          If they are married before, then they should provide a copy of legalized Divorce Papers or Death Certificate. 

-          If the bride divorced and getting married again, then they should have a ten month waiting period compulsorily

-          If needed, they should provide an Adoption Certificate.

-          If required, Parental Authorization.

-          Required two witnesses, and their passport photocopies also needed.

For minors traveling to and from the Dominican Republic without their parents, you will need the following:

If minors are traveling to the Dominican Republic without any adult or parents, then they must provide:

-          Authorized letter from the parents of the child

-          Authorizing Travel to and from the Dominican Republic with whom the child is traveling.

Official Wedding day:

On the official wedding day, don’t forget to have breakfast or brunch, must have a pre-wedding breakfast.  The resort can make the arrangements for an informal morning gathering at the party hall at the hotel. Also, take advantage of all the facilities provided by the hotel, including body massage at the hotel spa, and get your manicure, pedicure, and hair styling, etc.  The wedding package includes all these facilities, so in case, the hotel does not have a spa service, they can arrange from outside specialists.

Choose Your Honeymoon Destination:

If you book a resort for your wedding, then you can as well plan your honeymoon right in that resort. You can also plan your special day in Santo Domingo, the first New World City.  It is a romantic place to spend and dip into the romance.  You can also visit the Alcazar, where you can take a stroll on the Cobble Stone Street, and yellow lamplight where you can experience the old-fashioned romantic moments.  In Santo Domingo, you can find the small colonial city hotel or large chain hotels, or you can enjoy the discos in the city hotels, etc. The place filled with several cafes, gourmet restaurants, and bars.

You can also try all-inclusive resort where you can get prepaid vacation package. You just relax in the pleasant atmosphere of the resort just spending quality time with loved one without taking your wallet.  Also, you can select from the range of daytime & nighttime activities.  These all-inclusive resorts also allow you to make use of all facilities and make your friends and family feel comfortable and enjoy the activities.

Take advantage of services like horse-drawn carriage ride, a quartet or music trio that will play all your favorite songs, but you should inform them before.  Enjoy different exotic and tropical flowers and take plenty of photos and video for everlasting memories. Getting married in Punta Cana by Pink Film.