Dominican Republic Destination Wedding

Dominican Republic Destination Wedding

The Dominican Republic is one of the popular wedding destinations, and it is home to both Caribbean and Atlantic beaches where you can find several elegant and colorful resort towns that allow you to explore the natural beauty of the Caribbean country.  This Caribbean wedding destination offers the wedding couple various options to celebrate their big day. On the Caribbean portion of the Dominican Republic, you can find several destinations like Juan Dolio and La Romana, which offers clear waters and white-sand beaches for a beautiful beach wedding fo the couple. Also, they enjoy snorkeling and diving and explore the finish town surrounded by tropical rainforest. The Zona Colonial is also one of the best places and the original settlement located in the Santa Domingo, the Capital City.  The couples can enjoy the 16th-century cobblestone streets and Spanish architecture.

Dominican republic Destination wedding

If you are looking for more outdoor, intimate wedding, then choosing the venue at the most beautiful waterfalls and rivers give you the most romantic and a thrilling experience, and you can also enjoy white water rafting after your wedding ceremony. Also, most people love to have their wedding plans on the local beaches, including Playa Rincon, which is considered beautiful beach wedding destination. The Atlantic part of Dominican Republican offers plenty of fishing and surf towns enclosed with tropical rainforest. The Country offers plenty of options when it comes to planning a wedding at the Dominican Republic.

In all these wedding resorts, the wedding package includes:

-          All-Inclusive Resorts

-          Gaming/Casinos

-          Beaches

-          Kiteboarding

-          Golfing

-          Snorkeling

Juan Dolio:  Is one of the popular wedding destinations in the Dominican Republic, this tiny beach community located closer to the Santo Domingo, where you can see serene and peaceful Caribbean beaches enclosed with beautiful Coconut Palms.

Marriage Requirements: When you plan to get married at Juan Dolio, then you should bring original passports, original birth certificate, and confirmed assertion before a legal representative. If you are divorced earlier, then you should bring divorce or if the person died, then bring their death certificate are also needed if pertinent.  You can also consult your CDWS (Certified Destination Wedding Specialist) for more details.  You can take a look at the map to find what is in and around this area of the Dominican Republic.

The Juan Dolio is close to its neighbors La Romana and Santo Domingo. Earlier, it was a tiny fishing village, but now the place is filled with beautiful hotels and resorts. It also offers several activities and keeps you away from the hustle and bustle of tourists for seclusion and peace. The place looks elegant with white sand and clean Caribbean beaches, and it is a perfect place for couples if they want to try R&R, also boating excursions and snorkeling are very famous, you can as well spent golfing and play casino games at local casinos.

La Romana:  The place has several golf courses, and you can find several beautiful beaches and villages. It is one of the best wedding destination and dream getaway.

Marriage Requirements: If you are planning to get married in La Romana, then you follow similar rules as mentioned earlier, bring original birth certificate, passport, and sworn deceleration before a legal authority. Ask the wedding specialists about the marriage requirements before selecting the destination.

La Romana enclosed with scenic views of the Southeastern coast, and it is home to the top-class golf course in the Caribbean. You can also explore other famous attractions, including the Altos de Chavon, which recreated ancient European village with romantic, rustic architecture.  You can also enjoy the beautiful Guadalupe an underwater museum when you go for a Snorkeling excursion.  The stunning waterfalls are an amazing sight to see, and you can also plan for a riverboat ride. The place is just the perfect destination for the wedding as it offers great activities and engaging attractions.

Puerto Plata: It is also one of the best Dominican Republic Destination Wedding, and on the North Coast of the Island it has a collection of beach villages, and they are famously known as “The Bride of the Atlantic” for its authentic and natural beauty and provide the best kitesurfing in the world.

Punta Cana photographer by Pink Film

Marriage Requirements are same as the La Romana; the couples need to bring all the required documents before getting married; also they can ask the wedding specialist and get the details that are necessary for their marriage. 

The Puerto Plata surrounded by best attractions, and the place founded by Christopher Columbus in the year 1490 it is called as “Port of Silver” because this natural port gets the silver reflection from the misty water. Puerto Plata contains 62 miles of beaches expanded all across the town. The place offers incredible and unlimited activities for those people who love water sport, including diving, kite surfing, and more.  Many people like to explore Mount Isabel de Torres where you should take cable cars to go up a mountain for breathtaking views.  You can also take a stroll in a 35-acher botanical garden adorned with orchards and various other exotic flowers, and the beaches in Puerto Plata flaunt white sands and calm & clear waters.

 Punta Cana: It is one of the popular tourist destinations in the Dominican Republic as it offers the best and most scenic white sand beaches in the beautiful Caribbean. Also, it offers several water sports, excellent nightlife, and gorgeous golf courses. Of course, it is also one of the best and popular wedding destinations in the Dominican Republic.

Marriage Requirements are same for Punta Cana, but it is always better to consult the destination wedding specialist before choosing the wedding destination.

Punta Cana is not just the wedding destination, but it also offers a lot of entrainment and activities for all age groups. The beaches are snap-shot worthy, and the beaches enclosed with beautiful resorts and hotels. The Punta Cana has ranked consistently as one of the best city in the world for beach weddings. This magnificent place is worth visiting many more time even after your wedding.

These are some of the best Dominican Republic Destination Weddings.