Our names are Denis Lemann and Anastasia Knyazeva.  We are photographers and videographers in the Dominican Republic.  We have been taking high-quality photos and videos for more than 10 years.  Having thoroughly studied all the details of the world through a camera lens and visited many master-classes on the subject of such visual arts, we have captured a very large number of wedding ceremonies, photo shoots, videos, and films through our lenses.  As artists of this kind, we traveled to many cities and countries before deciding to stay in the Dominican Republic.  Our firm, Pink Film, was officially registered on the territory of the Dominican Republic.

As a matter of fact, we do not call what we do “work.”  For us thus far, it's a hobby.  A hobby by which we, at some point, became intrigued and continued to be intrigued by for years.  Each of us, even after several years, feels exactly the same incredible feelings and emotions that we felt on the first day of shooting a wedding.  We fully understand and are aware of the importance of the event with which our customers trust us; it is one of the most important days of their lives, with unique smiles, tears of happiness, excitement, friends and relatives, and many other things that satisfy us, fill up our lives, and make us who we are.

We sincerely believe that everything we do is more than just take photographs and videos.  When we tell somebody's story through images, we fill that somebody with life and love.  That's why a wedding day will stay with you forever, just like you experienced it, inside of our beautiful snapshots.

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