Punta Cana photoshoot - on this page, you are certain to find your own, personalize version of our photo shoot.  Our photographer in Dominican Republic has selected many interesting photographs for you to look at and utilize to choose the optimal location for a photo-session.  A white, sandy beach with a row of gorgeous green palms, or the “City of Millionaires” with its fabulous architecture, the island of Saona with starfish and sky-blue water, a shoot in Santo Domingo... any option selected is guaranteed to be fascinating and memorable!  Our videographer will take video and make a montage of the event, with your wishes as his priority.  Also, with our company, you can order additional services that add diversity to your photo shoot.  A kite, a hammock, a luxury car, or a picnic can all help decorate your photographs.  Below are the packages for these services.  Our photo-session price differs depending on the venue, duration, number of pictures taken, and choice of additional options.

Photoshoot on Macao Beach - 300$

Punta Cana photoshoot.jpg

Macao Beach is located 20 minutes away from the Bavaro region of the Dominican Republic; this is where the majority of hotels in Punta Cana can be found.  Golden sand at the top of the beach smoothly turns into white sand by the end.  Large white waves, palms groves, fishing boats, an azure sea, and pristine cliffs embellish the area.  During the photo-session, we will move gradually along the beach, visit all the aforementioned natural landmarks, and take many excellent pictures.  A couple of dresses, hats, sunglasses, and swimwear sets is the appropriate set of accessories for such a photo shoot.  Even before the start of the photo-session, our videographer in Punta Cana will help you choose what is best to wear for the beginning of the photo shoot and what is best to save for last.

Photo-session on Macao Beach + Elite Golf-Club - 500$

photoshoot in punta cana

Every tourist arriving in the Dominican Republic definitely wants to take pictures home from the local coast.  After spending 1.5 hours on Macao Beach, we will transition into a luxury golf club.  The Cocotal Golf Course is one of the best golf clubs in the Caribbean, famous for its endless green fields, wonderful lakes, and flowering trees.  Lying on the green lawn, running after the white heron, soaking in the shadow of the powerful, mysterious trees, looking at your reflection in the waters of a beautiful pond, flying a kite across lush jade green – all this and more awaits you throughout your photo shoot. Videographer in Punta Cana - Denis Lemann

Photo-session in Cap Cana - 400$

Photography in Punta Cana

Cap Cana, or the “City of Millionaires,” is a luxury complex in the Dominican Republic.  Whimsical, colorful two-story houses with carved shutters, tall palm trees, city squares with fountains, luxury swimming pools, and marble-lined streets will surround you throughout your photo shoot.  After the photo-session in Cap Cana, we will continue to the white-sand beach, surrounded by the palms trees and blue waters of the Caribbean Sea.  Throughout the day, our photographer will suggest a variety of mini-scenes to help you get exactly the results you expect. Wedding in Dominican Republic

Photo shoot on the island of Saona 1700$

wedding in dominican republic

Saona Island is the largest island in the Dominican Republic.  It is a national nature reserve, whose features include a whole range of palm trees with their tall trunks up against a blue sky, framed by the entire island.  Saona's white sand cannot be compared to any other, for it reflects sunlight so strongly that it nearly blinds everyone on the island.  A photo-shoot on the Island of Saona is a day trip.  The journey to the island takes approximately two hours: for the first hour, we will travel by bus, and for the second hour, we will travel on a snow-white yacht.  Be sure to grab sunscreen and a handkerchief or comb so that your hair doesn't become disheveled and you aren't burned by the hot Dominican sun! Photographer in Punta Cana - Anastasya Knyazeva and Denis Lunyakin