Destination wedding Punta Cana

The bride and groom always want to have a happy and romantic wedding in an unusual place. People try to turn their family’s first birthday into something memorable.

The destination wedding Punta Cana will be a perfect choice for couples who want to have a feast in a bright exotic paradise. You will be surrounded by marvellous natural landscapes, warm sun rays and an atmosphere of freedom and joy.

Destination wedding Punta Cana

Dominican Republic’s best resort offers comfortable accommodation for the wedding guests. Many couple choose destination wedding Punta Cana, which is why there is an abundance of wedding agencies offering all the necessary services.

You can have a beautiful wedding in Punta Cana that your friends and family will remember for a long time. And then you can spend your honeymoon on the sunny coast filled with passion and romance.

Exotic ceremony

Weddings are the most significant events in life, which is why couples’ desires to turn it into a fairy tale must be brought to life. The pleasant memories of the day you became a true family will accompany you until your last days and warm your hearts.

The wedding location plays an important role in the event so you must celebrate in a special place. A new page in your love story will be magical if you choose destination wedding Punta Cana.

Everything here is saturated with romance: the warm sunny days, unbelievable sunsets, exotic birds, tall palm trees and sandy beaches. Punta Cana is heaven on Earth. This is where reality meets fairy tales. What place could be better for a wedding?

The only limit to the wedding style is your imagination. If your destination wedding Punta Cana, you can bring any idea to life. You can have an intimate ceremony just for the two of you, a bright and colourful festival with many guests, or a traditional wedding with your closest family. Whatever you prefer.

Wedding photography and video in Punta Cana

Pink Film company offers wedding photography and video services in Punta Cana. Preserving the most beautiful moments and sincere emotions on photo and video is our motto. We have over ten years of experience in capturing love stories across the world, and now we decided to drop anchor in Punta Cana.

Professional photo and video shoots are integral parts of such events. Couples will want to have joyful moments of their wedding that they can share with friends and family on social networks.

By choosing us you can be rest assured that your wedding photos and videos will be beautiful, stylish and professionally made. We take a heartful approach to the love story of every individual couple and aim to preserve their wedding tale in each work.

Evaluate our portfolio presented on the website and look through our work that is saturated with love and life. Just imagine: your wedding photo shoot and videos can be just as wonderful!

In order to get to know us better and learn more details, leave us a message on our website or contact us via social networks. We will be happy to help you preserve the most beautiful and exciting moments of your lives in their natural beauty.

Punta Cana video

Punta Cana destination wedding 

    Punta Cana destination wedding are always a wonderful event. And this time was no exception - everything was romantic and beautiful. Our photographer in Punta Cana, Anastasia Knyazeva, took exquisite photographs of the newlywed couple in the city of millionaires at sunset. The sea, yachts, palms, and little two-story orange houses fit perfectly into the wedding photos.     The setting sun illuminated everything with orange light, giving the photographs a warm atmosphere. It was a marvellous evening in a marvellous place. Days like these remain in memory forever. It is warm all year long in the Dominican Republic, so come here, and together we will take a romantic stroll and a large amount of fascinating photos that will remind you of this wonderful day.

If you are still looking for a wedding venue, the Punta Cana destination wedding is an excellent choice! Every year thousands of couples come here from all over the world to hold wedding ceremonies. Every hotel in the Dominican Republic is armed with an arsenal of the most diverse offers required for every wedding, including wedding arbours, floral arches, bridal bouquets, wedding decorations, restaurants and many more. In addition, the Dominican Republic has an abundance of events agencies that specialized in the planning and organizing of wedding ceremonies. Your destination wedding will be organized in a restaurant of your choice on the shore of the ocean.

Whether you want to fly into the Dominican Republic just the two of you or as a big group, it doesn’t matter. You can hold a wedding here with as many guests as you wish.

The weather in the Dominican Republic is the same all year long. There is barely any difference between summer and winter, so you can plan your wedding any time. The blue sea, green palm trees and white sand will always welcome you.

Hold the wedding of your dreams in the perfect Dominican heaven. In turn, we will preserve the best memories of this wonderful day so that you can enjoy it for the rest of your life. On this page you can view Wedding in Dominican Republic reviews.


Our videographer will record and edit your wedding film, and create a short wedding trailer that you can share with your friends on social networks. Numerous likes, smilies and wonderful comments are guaranteed. 

Castle Rock - wedding in Dominican Republic 

Castle Rock - wedding in Dominican Republic 

In the northern region of the Dominican Republic, there are many wonderful, fantastic places.  We visited one such area in mid-April.  A cozy hotel, located on a rocky shore, became the center of a wedding celebration.  Val's Weddings was the company that provided the elegance of fresh flowers, candles, and colored ribbons to give the wedding a unique celebratory style.  Our videographer was the one who captured the atmosphere of this amazing day. 

photography in dominican republic - Denis Lemann

Dima & Dana - wedding in Dominican Republic

We would like to share with you our newest project!

    Dmitri and Dana arrived in the Dominican Republic to officially register their marriage on the Atlantic coast.  The groom did not see the bride's dress until the wedding day, which she enthusiastically picked out throughout the course of a year. They stayed at the hotel Barcelo Bavaro Palace Deluxe photography. Dress designer Oscar de la Renta put a lot of work into creating such a unique and gorgeous masterpiece, decorating it with jewels and elegant forms.  The bride looked irresistible!