Dominican Republic honeymoon 

Our next Dominican Republic honeymoon began early in the morning on Saona Island.  After eating breakfast and preparing our basic necessities, we went in search of adventure on the wide expanses of the Caribbean.  Sailing across the sea, we enjoyed fascinating nature, vivid azure water, never-ending views, and incredible islands.  A large white yacht, quickly cutting through the high waves, brought us to the white island of Saona.  The island's charming beach attracts tourists from all over the world with its pure-white sand, deep-blue water, and stunning coastline stretching beyond the horizon.  After landing on the island, we took many photographs and enjoyed the area's beauty.  Then, after a couple of hours on the island, we continued our journey through the Caribbean.  On the way back, we stopped at a beautiful local landmark.  It was a natural swimming pool, where wonderful starfish crawled along the bottom at every step.  It was a great place for swimming and continuing our photo-session.  We plunged into the clear blue water and started to catch the starfish; the presence of these amazing sea creatures filled our bright, cheery pictures.  We were very careful with them, for without water, they cannot live for more than a dozen seconds. Wedding in dominican republic

    That wonderful day gradually turned into a lovely evening.  Everything around us acquired a new range of color; the water became a stunning blue-green hue, and the sun slowly set on the horizon.  After going swimming and taking photographs one more time, we made our way back to the hotel.  Such a day's adventures will be in our memories for a lifetime!

Dominican Republic honeymoon is the ideal choice for your first days as a married couple. These happy moments will become your best memories. Be sure to order a photo shoot on the snow-white beaches with our company. Our photographer in the Dominican Republic will take a number of wonderful photos to adorn your wedding album. During this time, all your friends and family will pay close attention to you, visiting your social network pages and commenting on your activity every day. The photos and videos taken on the snow-white beach beneath the tall palm trees by the blue sea will tell them about your feelings.

Sometimes, it seems as though our magical evergreen island was made especially for your wedding adventure.

Photography in Dominican Republic - Anastasya Knyazeva